I Did (Almost) Nothing Today: The Importance of Recharging

Despite normally working, commuting, and being out of the house for 12-13 hours on Tuesdays, I was on Fall Break today and had the day completely off. I still sent my kid to the babysitter. (Before you judge me, realize that childcare providers often rely on the consistency of kids being in their home for their own income and read this awesome article from Working Mother's Magazine about the topic!)

I got up this morning, went to the gym, and then came home and started to check emails. I stopped myself. I work nearly every day of the week. I answer emails 24/7 not wanting anyone to ever wait more than two hours for a response. I don't often take the opportunity to enjoy my time off of work, without a child to care for, so today, I did!

I finished an amazing book and started another (In case you're wondering, I highly recommend Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan and just got finished telling my husband that Kristen Hadeed's Permission to Screw up is one of the best--and most practical--leadership books I've read in awhile!). 

I went had a pedicure and went shopping with my mother-in-law and we both had lunch with my husband. I relaxed, recharged, and feel 100% more ready to tackle taking a 2 1/2 year old to art class tomorrow, returning to the horribleness that is potty training, and then attending back to back meetings until the weekend, crammed full of activities appears. I feel amazing.

Before you even try to make me feel guilty (yes, one acquaintance actually said she can't imagine spending time away from her child) remember that we are better parents when we take care of ourselves as well.

As for my kiddo? She had an amazing time with her friends at the sitter's where she, too, got the opportunity to recharge!