How I Stay Organized

I'm a working mom. Being a mom and a wife is hard enough but when you throw meetings, reports, events, etc. into the mix, it's hard to stay on track. I have always been a planner junkie.

I get that iphone calendars are convenient, but writing stuff down and seeing my week at a glance helps me. After using basic planners for the last 20 years, I realized the desire to have a place for everything in one compact book including notes, goals, and a place to reflect. That's when I heard about the Passion Planner!

I use the Passion Road Map to keep track of my goals, the monthly layout for tracking my habits, and then the daily lay out I keep color coded for my meetings, to-do lists, what I'm making for dinner, and even block out time for work-outs and relaxation. The great thing is that each week allows you to customize what you want to get out of it, focus on, and reflect.

For 10% off through May, you can use the code, JULIA10 at check out if you're interested in getting organized.