My Friday Afternoon With GlamourGals


Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent Photographie

For those of you that don't know, in a past life, I was an advisor for (when I taught at St. Joseph High School in Brooklyn, NY) and following, was the Director of Programs for GlamourGals for 5 years!).

GlamourGalsis a not for profit that inspires and organizes teen volunteers to provide ongoing companionship and complimentary beauty makeovers to women in senior homes.

My favorite part of working for GlamourGals was working at makeovers. I loved watching the girls interact with the seniors. When I had the opportunity to attend a makeover in NYC at Cobble Hill Health Center with some of my former students (who are now grown up and so inspiring, I jumped at the chance!)

It was so fun seeing alumni who hadn't been a part of a makeover in almost 10 years jump in, start painting nails and connect with seniors. I was also able to bring my two year old daughter. I'm trying to teach her the importance of service and it was so fun to see the ladies' faces brighten when my daughter walked in (wearing a dress with a tutu that she insisted on wearing) and hearing her interactions with the women.

From being serenaded with music by Ellove King to enjoying snacks and companionship, this was an amazing way to spend part of my weekend enjoying the city.

For more information on GlamourGals and to get involved in your community, visit