What to Read this Summer

I love, love, love to read. I strive each year to read 100 books in the Goodreads Book Challenge. (Love to read and don't know about Goodreads--check it out now!)

I love to learn, so nonfiction is something that I spend a lot of time reading, but during the summer, there's nothing I like better than an exciting fiction book. None of my favorite TV shows are new and nights last longer, so it's the perfect time to sit on the porch or lounge in bed with a good book.

This year, for Mother's Day, I was so excited to get an annual membership to the Book of the Month Club. My pick for June was A Million Junes by Emily Henry. You guys--I could not put this one down. Set in Michigan, this book has a mix of supernatural elements, a totally enthralling love story, family feuds, and such beautiful narrative, I read this in one night! It's marketed as a YA novel, but after talking to other readers, depending on your age and experience, everyone will get something out of this. If you're local, we are actually talking about this at our next book club meeting at Vino Cane!


Speaking of Vino Cane, I had the opportunity to meet author, Susan Boyer there last month and since then, have been reading her Liz Talbot series nonstop. These are fun mysteries set in the south and offer the perfect escape from reality I long for in a beach read! Get sucked in with Lowcountry Boil, the first in the series!

Currently on my nightstand sits The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green. I am a longtime fan of Jane Green's and when I heard she had a new summer book coming out, it was preordered on the spot. I am only three chapters in and can't wait to be able to keep reading! (Plus, it combines two of my favorite cities: Los Angeles and London!)

I would love to hear what you're reading. Tweet what book you're reading to me @juliakayporter with #summerreads!