Why I Travel with My Toddler

I love to travel. I love to meet new people, experience different cultures, and of course, eat delicious cuisine not likely to be as tasty on American soil.

My husband and I started traveling together when we were dating and went to Europe together on our honeymoon. Since then, we have done long weekends away in cities in the US and annual trips internationally.

We adopted our daughter in 2015 and the first thing everyone said was, "Well, you'll have to stay home now!" In fact, we did not. We have only traveled more! She is 2 and a half and has been out of the country three times and has traveled to countless American cities.

"You're crazy." People will often say.

Is it always easy? Nope. (Cut to me following asleep on a flight from San Francisco to Indianapolis last week while my daughter wiggled and giggled and wouldn't settle--at 1 a.m.!) But is it worth it? It so is.

Why? Because my daughter sees families like ours--that are different but that are filled with love. She sees people of all races, is exposed to cultural differences, gets to play and have new experiences in a new environment, and gets to have fun with both of her parents who aren't working.

I am a firm believer that lived experiences make us better people. Immersing ourselves in other cultures help us to understand things that we may have been fearful of. All of this is important to me and I hope that when my daughter realizes the opportunity she's been given, she will be proud and happy.