4 Things to Stream NOW

I've been super busy, so when I get time to watch TV, I've been intentional on what I watch. I want it to be highly entertaining, meaningful, or both. These are four of the things I recently watched and LOVED.

The Incredible Jessica Jones

Streaming on Netflix, The Incredible Jessica Jones stars the phenomenal Jessica Williams (and my personal favorite--Chris O'Dowd). Jessica is a girl from Ohio in NYC trying to pursue her dreams of becoming a playwright. A breakup sends her a little off her path. This is quirky, cute, and so fun. I have been telling everyone to watch it and I really hope this isn't the last glimpse of Jessica's life we see from Netflix.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

From Amy Sherman-Palladino comes this show about a young Jewish wife and mother in New York City's Upper West Side. She's the perfect 1950's housewife...who's husband is having an affair. This is funny with a sparkling cast and the witty fast-paced dialogue we have come to love from Sherman-Palladino's other shows like Gilmore Girls. This is on Amazon Video--the first episode only with no date as of yet when we can expect more, but let's hope they're on their way!

To the Bone

Lilly Collins is amazing in this portrayal of a young girl struggling to overcome anorexia. She is moved to a group facility where she meets people just like her, trying to get better, or maybe not. This is thought provoking and heartfelt with a phenomenal cast. It is gritty, real, and worth the watch.

Miss You Already

Have your tissues ready as you watch the fantastic Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette navigate breast cancer and fertility treatments as lifelong friends. This is way more than I expected it to be--with stunning London scenery and probably some of the best acting these two have done, this is truly beautiful albeit heartbreaking.

What are you streaming?