Finding "Me Time" in a Chaotic Day

You read it all the time…find time for yourself. It seems difficult, especially when you’re a parent. But, like everyone else says, it’s so important for your happiness and sanity.

This infographic explains it best: From recharging and unwinding to allowing yourself time to better problem solve and cope, “me time” is essential. So, how do you do it? Here’s how I make it happen!

Plan Everything

I schedule everything—not just in my work calendar on my phone, but in a paper planner where I can see my entire day and see what times are free and unaccounted for. I’m a fan of the Passion Planner because it allows for goal planning and reflective journaling as well (something I like to do in my free time). I often find slots of time I would undoubtedly waste on social media that I fill with something valuable that makes me happy (like reading a chapter of a book!) Get your Passion Planner Here!

Find Simple Pleasures that fit in Small Time Slots

I love knitting, but with work, keeping up with housework, and running my daughter to her activities, it’s hard to fit it in. I’ve noticed though that I often have a few minutes during drop off time and pick up at preschool, while I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, or even while overseeing activities at home where I can knit a few stitches. Instead of just sitting idly during these small time slots we all have in our day, have something handy that makes you happy, whether it be a book, crossword puzzle, craft, or even just a few minutes to call someone you love!

Share “Me Time” with a Friend

Though we think of me time as solitary time (and that’s still important), find an activity that you like to do with a friend and schedule it in. Make time to do it. Plan in advance if you need to. In fact, my husband and I have football season tickets and a subscription to a regional theater in the summer. This is time we schedule well in advance to do something together that gives us joy. Because we plan it so far in advance, childcare isn’t as tricky.

I’m blessed with a supportive spouse who understands the need to do things that make us happy, so we are quick to take over for the other when we need a moment of peace!

What things do you do to find your “me time”? Tweet them to me at @juliakayporter!