Book Review: The Only Life I Could Save: A Memoir

Living in a community that is tormented by addiction, it's often to become callous about it. How often do we hear stories on the news and think, "That could never happen to me or my family."?

I'm sure that's what Katherine Ketcham thought in her years researching and writing about addiction. But it does happen to her when her son Ben begins to use drugs and what starts off as what some might call typical teenage experimentation becomes addiction.

This is a very well-written, easy to digest memoir. As a parent, I'm always interested in these stories. How do you know your kid is in trouble if they won't talk to you? What are the signs of addiction that you may NOT know? This book addresses those issues and gives the reader a look into the life of a family gripped with fear about the safety of their child and brother.

Books like this are critical now more than ever. The CDC notes an increase in drug overdoses and in 2016, the death rate due to overdose (primarily opioids) increased to 5 times what it was in 1999. I am shocked to read statistics like this and see these stories in the media, but the reality is, without education, we can't make it better.

Whether you think this book pertains to you or not, it likely is a story not all that dissimilar from someone that you know. I highly recommend you read it to learn more about the Ketcham family's deeply personal story.

Preorder your copy of The Only Life I Could Save here. It will be out on April 1st.