This Summer's Priority: Taking Care of Myself First

Summer is a fun time of the year, from time at the lake to road trips with the family and countless hours outdoors. However, with that comes with, in my opinion, stress thanks to: organizing food for get-togethers and events, packing bags, keeping everyone in swim gear, and of course, doing this while working and keeping up with kids' busy schedules.

This summer, I've made taking care of myself a priority as well since I can't take care of everyone else the way I feel I should, (I'm type A!) until I've taken care of myself.

Here is my self care plan:

Read books that nourish my brain and help me Manage my Life
I'm a reader. I carve out reading time nightly into my schedule because I like a good story, but I also like to be educated and read things that benefit my personal and professional development. Enter Your Oxygen Mask First by Kevin Lawrence. This book is amazing and so easy to read. With key points, and personal stories, and activities, this book offers input on not just how to make it through your life, but to thrive. Being a leader isn't easy, but it's more manageable when you have the right tools.

Taking Time to Hit the Gym
You, like me, may have a job and a family and may have to get a pretty early start to make a work out happen. I get up early to go to a 24/7 gym in my town at least three days a week. Lately, I've been wanting to do classes as my personal routine has felt mundane but it's just not possible with my early morning routine. I started to use Aaptiv. This is a great way to "take a class" without actually going to one. You can do these workouts at home or at the gym and with your choice of teacher and music, you, too, can take a class at your leisure!  Since I'm still recovering from a fairly serious ankle sprain, I've only been cleared to do the exercise bike, but I'm looking forward to trying the elliptical workouts soon!

Carving out Me Time
I am lucky to have an awesome spouse and amazing babysitters in my life that allow for me to take time at least once a month where I'm not at work and doing something I enjoy. Whether it's going to Board and Brush or seeing a movie with a friend, or just doing some solo shopping without a toddler, this gives me a chance to breathe!

Adding one thing I Enjoy into my Planner Daily
I realized that when I wake up and look at my to do in my planner, it's often filled with things I have to do. Some I want to do, but not all of them! I've made myself write one thing that pleases me in my planner each day, whether it is to squeeze in some knitting while my family watches tv at night or even do an activity with my daughter when I'm off of work, having one thing to look forward to makes the day more manageable.

What tips do you have for putting yourself first?