Why I Knit...and why you should too!


Pictured above: Me, wearing a winter shawl and my daughter enjoying the Faded Blanket I finished in early June.

I have been crafting for quite some time. First, I learned to crochet as it was a fun thing to do when I spent the night with my grandma to keep her company when my grandpa passed away, but I picked up knitting when I realized how beautiful garments looked knit.

For me, I prefer to knit beautiful things that are also functional. Knitting a few rows after a long day at the office or a trying day with my kid is the BEST stress reliever. I also love it because I can binge TV and work on a simple pattern without feeling like I'm wasting my time.

Sure, it can be expensive, like any hobby, but it doesn't have to be. I prefer hand dyed, superwash yarns that tend to cost a little more, but I enjoy texture and color, so aesthetics are important to me.

Many people think it's crazy when they see me knitting at a sporting event or at the park while my daughter plays, but there's real satisfaction in completing something that you made yourself or even giving a gift to someone that is unique, one of a kind, and that was custom made with them in mind.

The reason you should pick up knitting? You're more connected. I can focus better when my hands are busy, so I'm a better listener. When I'm knitting, I'm not on my phone and people around me have my attention. It's one of the few hobbies that is totally portable too, so again, when you are sitting in a waiting room, commuting, or even dining alone and waiting for your food, you always have something to do that doesn't require your phone!

Want to learn to knit? My favorite yarn stores are: Knitting off Broadway, Argyle Yarn Shop, Purl Soho, and Starstruck Cat Studio!