Summer Adventures are Coming Our Way!

Every summer, at some point, I say, “We should…”

As in, “We should go there” and “We should do that.” And guess what? Summer ends and we didn’t go there or do that.

This year, I’m creating a Friday Fun Adventure Map. I have created a work schedule that allows me to be at home part of the week, and I have left Fridays wide open. Sometimes, that’s because we have a family vacation planned—I’ll be sharing this year’s big trip to Italy! Sometimes, it’s just nice to have downtime.

But, I’ve decided to find another day for downtime and instead, to have an adventure with my daughter at LEAST every other Friday this summer.

So far, I’ve made a list of fun things we have never done in a one hour radius. I’m going to have several of them on cards turned over so we can’t see them. (I’ll have a section for rainy day activities as well, although with all of the amazing kid friendly movies on their way—thanks Disney—rainy Fridays might be saved for movies).

On Wednesday night, we will pick a card and go to that location! (I feel like I need to give myself some time to pack what we need and rope some other moms and kids into joining us on our day of fun occasionally.

Why am I writing this? Because I need to be held accountable. Watch out for more posts about our adventures in June!