My daughter, Brooklyn, loves to “curate” boxes to send out for charity projects. When we talked about who to send these boxes to this year, she wanted to send them to babies and children who have recently been adopted. Her favorite part of her own adoption story is that we had no clothes, etc. for a girl because we were surprised by the phone call that not only had we been chosen by a birth mother, but that our daughter was waiting for us at the hospital.

Receive a Box or Submit a Family

If you or someone you know has recently adopted, please fill out this form to receive one of Brooklyn’s Blessings Boxes.

Each baby box will have an outfit, blanket or towel, and accessory, as well as other special gifts depending on what we have in stock.

Want to help? We would love donations of new baby items and if you knit, crochet, or sew, it is my personal dream that each of these boxes come with a handmade item as well! Email juliakayporter81 at gmail dot com for more info.